Board Communication

Modern businessmen who understand the value of technologies do everything possible to take from it as much advantage as they can. Willing to increase the efficiency of the leadership they are gladly adopting every new solution that is out on the software market. One of such truly useful and effective tools is the board portal software. It is an online virtual workspace that was created specifically for the needs of the board. Such an application can centralize all the information in the company allowing to access files quickly. Thus, members of the leadership can prepare for meetings and make them more productive. The board communication software helps reduce time and costs simplifying the organization of meetings and the maintenance of documents.

Especially virtual boardrooms are for businesses with geographically dispersed leaders. The distance adds complications to the already tough process of management of the leading teams. With a board of directors, portal companies can hold virtual meetings keeping the communication steady and efficient.

How To Pick The Right Instrument

Businesses today have two options of managing the board with the help of the technology. First one is a homegrown system, the second one – a ready-to-use solution, virtual boardrooms. Let’s see what way is better.

A Homegrown System

This option can be good for small companies that don’t have a really big board. A homegrown system means that leaders assemble several applications that are not initially integrated with each other. For instance, the company is using Google Drive to store documents, Google Calendar to schedule events and Asana to create tasks and track progress. It is a working solution that can be pretty effective, especially in small teams.

But the issue is that as the board grows, it becomes harder and harder to keep everything synchronized. Also, if leaders are not that great with technologies it will be tough for them to maintain several programs at the same time. And the time the administrator spends to prepare all the documents for a meeting increases. Another important downside – generic cloud storages are not as secure as they should be to guarantee a reliable protection for your corporate data.

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The Board App

While this solution is more expensive, it is obviously better than a homegrown system. The board portal is created specifically for the needs the leading team has. So all the instruments a modern business might require are combined in the single application. It offers vital tools:

  • the exchange of documents;
  • the ability to hold virtual meetings;
  • chats for better collaboration;
  • the opportunity to create several workplaces for different needs (the teamwork, collaboration with partners);
  • the digital secure storage for the sensitive data;
  • the ability to create board books and agendas in no time.

Never Experience A Data Leak

These two words are a living nightmare for any business these days. Data leaks cost companies a lot of money and efforts. So it is better to protect your corporate information as strongly as possible. That’s why providers of virtual board portals use the most reliable encryption and protect not only servers but data transition ways as well. Thus, they’re making sure they don’t leave holes for hackers and no one can get into the electronic storage without permission.

To ensure the security is strong enough, vendors ask third-party safety specialists to run tests. After a thorough examination of the protection, they give their unbiased opinion. Therefore, the provider can genuinely promise its users a truly perfect protection from data leaks.

Knowing that hackers can get an access to the workplace by stealing user’s login data, providers implement a two- factor authentication. This feature will demand from a user to prove their identity using one of the offered ways. Usually, the member of the leading team will have to enter a randomly generated code that is sent to their phone upon logging in. Thus, even if malefactor somehow fished the username and the password, they still can’t access the virtual board portal.

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Have All Meeting Management Tools In The Same Interface

There is a thin line between a software that lacks features and an instrument overfilled with functions. Most board communication software providers do their best to keep the balance. Still, the same virtual boardroom can be too much for one business and not enough for another. Therefore, you should have a list of your needs before you even start looking for the right provider.

Knowing your requirements you will be able to choose a truly efficient instrument that will cover all your needs. The best thing here is that all the features you want to have will be implemented in one interface. So members of the leading team won’t need to jump between several applications trying to control and synchronize everything.

Have An Extensive Support

If you operate a homegrown system and face any issues, you will need to talk to several support teams to solve them. And you’re lucky if these teams will be easy to reach out. Companies that use virtual board portals never encounter the lack of support. Providers of such software know the importance of immediate help when it comes to board management. So they offer their customers an extensive 24/7 support that will guide you through the process.

It is especially crucial if some of the leaders are not that tech-savvy and might have difficulties studying a new instrument. The support team is always ready to help them and show them around.

So, there is no such question as “Should I implement virtual board portal in my business?”. The real question is “Do I want my team to have an extensive tool that will solve most of issues leaders face daily?”. And the answer to this question is a strong “Yes”.