Digify’s data room features include document security, file tracking, and statistical analysis.

Data privacy is one of the key issues for many companies. Digify VDR software not only helps ensure data security while communicating with partners or customers but also after files have been sent.

How does Digify protect documents and other important data?

  • Access control. Admins can configure access controls to confidential documents. For example, access can be limited to a narrow circle of invited users. Admins can also disable file transfers if needed.
  • Revoke access. If a file was accidentally shared with an unauthorized user, admins can rescind access to that document even after it was sent.
  • Digital watermarks. Digify helps prevent the unwanted sharing of documents by increasing the level of data protection.
  • Remote purging. Admins retain control of documents even after being shared. They can delete files automatically on or after a certain date or enable the self-destruct feature to destroy data after a recipient opens it.
  • Security permissions for a specific data room. Admins can assign roles and duties to users working with files in multiple data rooms. This allows admins to manage data as efficiently as possible and in a secure environment.

Digify Inc. was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Quezon City, Philippines. Digify has repeatedly won the security innovation competition RSA Innovation Sandbox. Their services have been recognized by The Guardian, Wired, Forbes, VentureBeat, and The Verge.

Companies can take advantage of their 7-day free trial to see if they’re a good fit. They also offer live-session demos with an account executive who can answer questions and explain the service in greater detail.

The platform is used by companies in venture capital investment, startup fundraising, real estate due diligence, digital rights management, internal document distribution, etc.

Pros and cons

Based on customer feedback, these are the following:

Many useful features and opportunities for customizationThe need to learn platform functionality
The ability to manage documents even after sendingHighly priced cost of the software
High level of sensitive information protection
Cloud-based technology
User-friendly interface

Digify pricing

Digify offers three business plans priced at between $99 and $1,000 per month. The number of data rooms and users, plus any additional features, account for the price difference between plans. However, customers can customize any of the proposed standard plans.

Companies can also customize an enterprise plan to suit their needs. A customer sales representative can provide more details about Digify pricing.

Support and deployment

Digify supports downloading files in various popular formats, including PDF and video. Users can download data to and from their computer or use cloud-storage services such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

Digify easily integrates into a company’s business processes. For example, the platform has plugins for Gmail and Outlook for secure emailing. 

Users can also set up Slack notifications to alert them when somebody opens a document and configure integration with G-Suite products, Shopify, or over 2000+ other web applications. Additionally, Digify created a mobile viewer app for those who want to access files at any time.

Digify offers a well-structured Help Center to support its users. There they will find answers to frequently asked questions and instructions on working with the Digify data room. Email, chat, or phone support is also available, depending on the subscription plan.


Digify uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm and a multilayer encryption system to protect downloaded files, so all sessions are reliably secured. Also, the platform provides modern encryption for data by using a system of only a few data keys stored in the AWS Key Management System (KMS). This technology is truly fast and reliable.

Digify helps protect data in different ways. Users can  use copy protection and download restrictions features as well as automatic file expiration and NDAs. Additionally, the service offers such secure access features as data management after sending, customizable access levels, passkeys encryption, admin control, and roles permissions. 

Also, screenshots can be disabled. Digify has patented its Screen Shield technology and provides customized watermarks features. Therefore, it is very difficult to capture the information protected by these features.

Digify hosting infrastructure is certified for FedRAMP, FIPS, PCI DSS Level 1, and ISO 27001. These certificates confirm that the company provides top-notch security.