Drooms review

The Drooms data room is a business software provider headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Other branches are located in Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, and Zug. 

The company, founded by M&A and legal experts in 2001, has won the trust of hundreds of clients worldwide, including big names such as Philips, Colliers International, Sharp Corporation, and EWE AG.

Drooms’s most common customers include real estate organizations, law firms, advisors, and corporations. Their clients use the platform for such activities as due diligence, document analysis, lifecycle asset management, and data collection.

Drooms software is suitable for various business tasks, including due diligence, asset lifecycle management, and document analysis. For example, for time-consuming due diligence, clients get a built-in translation tool, index allocation, advanced Q&A, and an easy-to-use Excel viewer. 

As for asset lifecycle management, the AI-driven data room automates internal processes, ensuring high performance. What’s more, granular access permissions allow administrators to stay in control at a specific asset level.

And finally, for document analysis, Drooms has introduced their specially-developed Findings Manager. The engine automatically highlights important passages from files using optical character recognition and AI. It supports working with large volumes of data and helps to assess transaction opportunities and identify risks.

Potential subscribers may request a free personalized demo on the company website. 

Pros and cons

ease of use quick and effective customer assistanceeasy data uploadingtop-notch securitynecessary functionality for due diligenceaccess to statistics and reportsindexing data within a folder can be cumbersomethe search feature could be improved for some formatsuser authorizations may fail; therefore, it is necessary to delete users and reconfigure access permissions

Drooms pricing

Drooms pricing is quite flexible. Customers can fully manage their purchases independently online. In particular, they can change settings, add or remove user licenses, and manage their accounts from their user cabinet. 

All pricing plans offer all of the data room’s advanced features. These include branding, two-step authentication, full-text document search, notes, and highlights. 

Descriptions of the available pricing packages follow, but unfortunately, the provider doesn’t disclose any actual pricing. Potential clients can contact a sales representative for more details and a customized quote.

  • Free. This package is free for 30 days and includes 1 GB storage, 5 users, and around-the-clock online tech support. Since the provider wants potential clients to experience all of the product’s advantages, all the tools are available — except for 24/7 phone support and a data room archive.
  • Pro. The Pro plan provides 3 GB+ storage, 10+ users, and 24/7 online tech support. However, additional fees amount to $5.60 per user per month for Q&A, document translation, index allocation, and advanced permissions. Also, the data room archive costs $560 for two USBs and $134.40 for each extra set. The cost of this Pro plan is $14.45 user/month.
  • Custom. In addition to all of Drooms’s features, customers of this subscription plan receive unlimited storage capacity and number of users, 24/7 phone support, and a data room archive. Contact the provider for personalized pricing.

Support and deployment

Drooms technical support is available 24/7/365 via email and phone. However, the latter option is only accessible to Custom-plan clients.

The Drooms virtual data room is available as  web software through an internet browser and as a desktop app for Mac and Windows. Moreover, iOS users can view, share, search, translate, and delete documents on the go, thanks to a dedicated mobile app.


Since safeguarding data is a priority for this vendor, Drooms is committed to the highest security standards and implements innovative mechanisms for reliable protection. The following is a more detailed list of the measures the provider takes to prevent data leaks or other unauthorized actions:

  • Private servers. Sensitive data is stored on servers in Switzerland or Germany, access to which is open exclusively to dedicated employees.
  • Security compliance. The Drooms VDR software complies with international data protection standards, including ISO 27001:2013 and GDPR.
  • Secure data processing. Data processing takes place only in Germany, but Swiss customers are offered special storage in Switzerland as well.
  • In-house assistance staff. Data room clients receive support directly from vetted staff.
  • Vulnerability management. The team regularly performs vulnerability scans. That way, in case of a data breach, the Drooms’s disaster scenario system helps to guarantee the integrity of client data.

In addition to these measures, there are features to ensure robust security and careful control of workflows. For example, IP filtering allows the administrator to restrict access to data at the level of IP addresses. 

Furthermore, a unique login procedure is in place to deny unauthorized third-party access. For instance, with their two-step authentication process for logging in, users receive a special, one-time-use security code sent to another device.

Additionally, Drooms ensures tighter security by using the latest protocols and ciphers for end-to-end encryption, granular access controls, and detailed activity reporting.