The Main Features

Merrill DataSite is in a line with popular VDR providers and has the needed facility and expertise in handling the needs of various enterprises and businesses who are searching for additional funding. It provides services for venture capital, corporate development, IPOs, investment banking, private equities, as well as virtual data room due diligence.

In the past, Merrill handled giant M&As. And still, the company has a variety of features that make the process of fundraising pretty effortless. They include the following:

  • Simple search. Utilizing their secure vdr, you may notice lots of things happening in it. This often creates difficulty when locating information. One of the main features the company can boast of is OCR (optical character recognition), which lets the data room users seek information without the need of going through lots of text, thus, save time.
  • Reports covering user activity. This feature allows watching the activities of users in the room and predicting possible funding outcomes with the help of generated reports. They usually contain information about the documents that were downloaded, printed or viewed by every data room user.
  • Granting permissions. Merrill data room administrator is able to allow access to particular uploaded documents. Downloading and printing are also regulated and permitted by the admin.
  • Security features. Except for permissions, Merrill Corp DataSite pays due attention to protecting the information shared within the data room. This is achieved by utilizing 256-bit SSL to prevent sensitive information from being stolen by the third party. Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized users from entering the data room.
  • Customer support. Merrill Corporation offers 24/7/365 support service for users who have inquiries or some issues with their data room Merrill Database. The communication barrier is absent because the representatives of the support service are multilingual and can reply in more than 20 languages.

Advantages of Data Room from Merrill Corporation Use

  • Merrill DataSite is simple and fast to use;
  • User-friendly and easy system control;
  • Round-the-clock customer support service;
  • Real-time tracking and visibility of the software provide users with deeper insight.

Merrill Corporation provides a comprehensive product that is both simple to use and functional. That is why most users report the service to be the best solution for deals. With this data room service provider, companies from around the world close more deals and do it really fast.


File Formats Supported
Any file types can be uploaded. PDF and MS Office files can be viewed, any other file types must be downloaded to view
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Folders yes
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Folders yes
Desktop Synchronization no
Archives Upload & Extraction no
Export of Data Room Index to Excel yes
Document Version Control yes
Multilingual Documents Index no
Granular Document Permissions yes
View-Only Access yes
Prevention of Download, Print and Copy yes
Remote Shredding of Documents no
Customizable Document Watermarks yes
Secure Fence View no
Document Access Expiry no
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryption yes
Data at Rest Encryption yes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee yes
ISO 27001 Certified yes
SOC 2 Certified no
SSAE 16 Certified no
Data Backup yes
Virus Scanning no
Two-Factor Authentications yes
Mobile Device Management yes
Granular User Permissions yes
Permission Groups yes
Access Expiration yes
Access Limitation by IP Address no