SecureDocs is a virtual data room (VDR) software that assists businesses with storing and sharing corporate documentation safely.

SecureDocs takes roots from the AppFolio company and emerged as a separate brand in 2012. The founders are Rafael H. Saavedra, Albert Oaten, and Comron Sattari. The current CEO is Will Reynolds

The company serves about 122 countries and is headquartered in Goleta, CA. SecureDocs was acquired by Onit in January 2022.

Apart from its virtual data room software — SecureDocs Inc.’s main business branch — there are also two other products the company offers:

  • ContractWorks – a contract management software created to assist legal teams with controlling their contracts.
  • ReadySign – a software helping companies to sign and store sensitive documents safely.

SecureDocs VDR software is widely used by firms that need a secure solution for audits, M&A deals, business operations, and fundraising.

This data room fits the needs of small-, mid-, and large-sized businesses and is in demand in such industries as finance, biotechnology, insurance, life science, and legal services.

What are the key features a SecureDocs data room provides?

  • Single Sign-On
  • Built-in e-signature
  • Drag-n-drop and scan uploads
  • Unlimited storage and users
  • Bulk user invite
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Advanced search
  • Q&A section
  • Audit log reporting
  • Logo and URL branding

SecureDocs offers a 14-day trial so that all the potential subscribers can test the software to ensure it fits their needs before committing long-term.

Pros and cons

Extremely user-friendly interfaceNo free flash drivers
Unlimited cloud storage and users capacityNo mobile application
Ease of use (drag-n-drop and scan uploads, built-in e-signature, Single Sign-On)No website chat
Many file formats supportedNo pricing options for short-term use
Transparent, flat-fee pricing
99.9% data room uptime

SecureDocs pricing

The SecureDocs pricing model charges a flat fee — not dependent on storage capacity or the number of users. Subscribers get unlimited cloud space and can add as many users as they need for one fixed price.

SecureDocs offers three pricing plans. Each provides benefits and aims to satisfy various needs for different projects — find more details, visit their website.

3-Month plan$400 per month (billed quarterly)
12-Month plan$250 per month (billed annually)
Volume packageContact the Support Team for details.

SecureDocs is a rather expensive VDR software as compared to its competition. However, its pricing can be considered more reasonable for larger organizations because there is no limit on the number of users or storage capacity.

Support and deployment 

SecureDocs is a cloud (web-based) software. Subscribers can access it through any web browser. However, the company recommends using Google Chrome as it is the best fit for functionality. 

There are no details about supported operating systems on the company’s official website. However, users can expect Windows and macOS support.

Unfortunately, there’s no mobile application yet, but users can use SecureDocs via their favorite mobile device’s browser — Android or iOS.

There are a few options for troubleshooting:

  1. Training videos and an informative blog on their website. All the general points are described and addressed there.
  2. FAQ section. Most common questions are answered in detail.
  3. Submit a form. Clearly state the problem and get a solution via email.
  4. Call the Support Team via phone. For real-time assistance in minutes.


SecureDocs virtual data room is SOC 2, Type 2 compliant.

Additionally, all of a company’s corporate data is protected with the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS) measures such as biometric hand scans, firewalls, segmentation, electronic key cards, and pin codes.

AWS Data Centers are ISO 27001 certified with locations in Germany, Ireland, and the United States.

All data is ciphered using 256-bit encryption.

The security of corporate information is also boosted with the help of various features:

  • Granular user permissions
  • Customizable NDA
  • Exportable activity log
  • Watermarking
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Audit trail reporting
  • One-click privacy blind
  • Access expiration
  • Auto time-out